How To Achieve The 100-Year Lifespan
And Vigorous Natural Health
Of The "Old Ones" Of Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Is This The Legendary "Shangri La"?


Hidden away, deep in the Andes Mountains of South America, lies a peaceful valley called Vilcabamba (vil-ca-BAM-ba). Modern medical research reports that Vilcabamba is one of four places on earth where the people live the longest ....... and are among the healthiest people on the planet!

In case you're wondering, the other three places are the Valley of the Hunzas in Pakistan, another area in the Caucasus mountains between Georgia and Russia called Abkhasia and the Island of Okinawa. A significant portion of the populations in these four places live to be a hundred or more years of age (Centenarians). There is reported to be no healthier places to be found - anywhere.

How do we account for this longevity? What is it that they do that most of the rest of the world does not? Have they discovered some magic elixir of life that is unknown to the rest of us?

Vilcabamba - The Valley Of Longevity

Countless generations ago this beautiful valley was where the ancient Inca rulers came to renew and refresh their health. The indigenous ancestors of the Inca people had inhabited Vilcabamba for centuries, and yet few outsiders had ever found their way into this secluded Andean valley. But the incredible health and longevity of "Los Viejos" (The Old People) was whispered about far and wide. It was even rumored that these mountain people knew not death, that the Grim Reaper passed the valley by as if it did not even exist.

Some have even called Vilcabamba the South American "Shangri La", a place where magic happens, a little known valley where people add YEARS to their lives even as they add LIFE to their years! And, as medical science has proven, these people live a REALLY LONG TIME!

Located less than 50 miles from the Peruvian border, Vilcabamba has over the years has also been variously called: "The Isle of Immunity for Heart Disease, The Land of Eternal Youth, The Valley of Peace and Tranquility, and The Lost Garden of Eden." It has been given these labels because, as one writer put it,  "the valley's solitude, serenity, clean air, dazzling sun, nearly constant blue sky, pure mineral drinking water, medicinal herbs, green fields, towering mountains, friendly people, lack of illness, and a kind of ubiquitous beauty that penetrates to one's soul and provides a sense of well-being".

The "Secret"

Common sense dictates that a long life must be something other than chance or happenstance. There simply must be a special combination of factors which increase people's chances of living into such an advanced old age, such as here in Vilcabamba.

There is!

One of the conceits of today's medical science is that recent health discoveries have made the practices of the past irrelevant. But thousands of years before there was anything like "modern medicine", there were native populations using methods that had their roots in antiquity to prevent or alleviate sickness and extend their longevity.

Is there really such a thing today as a natural Fountain Of Youth, Elixir Of Life, Nectar Of Immortality? Have the people living in this hidden-away valley in the South American Andes found it? Have they discovered subtle ways of changing the body's chemistry with 'medicines' made from local plants? Are these newly unearthed 'health secrets' something you ought to know about?

During the past several years, I have been fortunate to live in this hidden-away place that is said to be a "living laboratory of longevity. And during that time I've been busy learning of the traditional Indigenous practices that lend themselves to living a long, healthy and productive life. This web site article will introduce you to one of these local healthy practices and show you some of the reasons they live so long, so well. I think that you will enjoy the story.

Here, high in the Andes, the mountain people have little or no heart disease, cancer, diabetes, strokes, cirrhosis of the liver, senility, arterioesclerosis, nor any other conditions connected with an interruption in blood flow that are commonly responsible for illness, disability and death in industrialized countries. Since the inhabitants of Vilcabamba don’t usually die of degenerative diseases, they are often able to live more than a century and finally die in their own homes with dignity of ancianidad (olded age). In fact, overall, Vilcabamba's death rate is almost 50% less than that of Ecuadorian cities and urban areas. There must be a valid reason for such longevity and healthiness enjoyed by the people of Vilcabamba. It is certainly no statistical fluke or mere urban legend. Then what is it?

So here it is, in a nutshell - the secret of the Vilcabambanos. Don Lucho (the "Don" is a term of respect), a Vilcabamban elder and Curandero (Healer) explains it:

"We teach that our people's future health depends upon their daily personal habits of drinking, eating, living and thinking today. We know also that the drinking of our sacred Vilcabamba water is perhaps THE one habit that lends itself best to superior longevity among our people."

Could it be that THIS is the secret elixir .... the very substance that all of us drink every day of our lives? Ah-hhh, but this water is VERY different. It is, in fact, unique! But first, please let me assure you that I'm not going to try and sell you any of Vilcabamba's water. That is not what this is all about. Let me explain.

Vilcabamba's "Magical" Water

Here in this far-distant and hard-to-find "Shangri La" flows the Agua Sacrado (sacred water) that scientists say is perhaps the purest and healthiest in the whole world. Here's why.

A protected Ecuadorian regional preserve, Podocarpus National Park, which claims to have pre-Ice Age microorganisms and one of the world's few remaining pristine rainforests, surrounds the hidden Garden of Eden called Vilcabamba. The Pleistocene glaciations implied the existence of ice at the top of the Podecarpus' highest mountains.

No airplanes fly over this pristine area, so there is no potentially destructive "Chemtrail" residue. Legend has it that El Mandango, the mountain that towers over the valley of Vilcabamba, contains such a high quantity of metallic ore (especially iron and uranium) and rare minerals that it throws off the compasses of any over-flying airplanes. They simply go around the valley as if it did not exist .... much like with "Galt's Gulch" in the book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

High up among the surrounding mountain peaks lies an area of primeval tundra, which is made up of great masses of vegetation .... layer upon layer of these grasses and vegetation of many types and colors. In this untouched and uninhabited area, there are also some fourteen lakes, each containing the melt of this uncontaminated glacier ice.

This icy melt is often referred to as "Glacial Milk", a solution of ionically dissolved elements in a suspension of finely ground rock dust from the living parent rock of the mountains through glacial friction. The suspended minerals in this "Glacial Milk" are referred to as metallic colloidal minerals.

Come the rainy season, these lakes of glacial water overflow and flood the tundra, which then acts as a filter for any undesirable heavy metals or minerals. But this humic layer does far more than merely act as a filtering devise. These plants and ancient vegetation had never been exposed to any chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides. The plants are gradually transformed into humus, a rich organic mass that is food for new plant life.

After seeping through these countless layers of humic tundra, this purest of waters flows down into thousands of pools, then into hundreds of cascading waterfalls. And remember this part for a little later, because the countless waterfalls contribute to the extremely high negative ion count in the valley. Finally, the long journey of the pristine Agua Sacrada ends up in the water jugs and homes of the people of Vilcabamba.


So you can see that the very essence of life itself, this humic-charged water, is delivered directly to the doorstep of the Vilcabambanos - pre-filtered and containing all of the enriched colloidal mineral nutrients known to be vital to the health of human-kind! This is what has come to be called "La Elixir de Larga Vida" (The Elixir of Long Life!)

Modern science has also demonstrated that the inhabitants of Vilcabamba have something else going for them, besides pristine water. The food that is grown in this small valley deep in the towering Andes Mountains of Ecuador is also very special.

But don't just take my word for it. Dr. Richard Laurence Millington Synge, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and the man who discovered amino acids, claims that there are remarkable medicinal qualities to be found in the plant-life in certain places near the Equator, with the valley of Vilcabamba being one of these areas. Due to scientific chemical assay techniques, analysis has now shown that the fruit, roots and herbs of this particular Equatorial sub-area offer some of the strongest anti-oxidant protection in the world!

In 1973, Dr. Alexander Leaf of Harvard Medical School introduced these remarkable people to the world for the first time in his cover story for National Geographic Magazine. In 1981, the Ecuadorian government hired medical journalist Dr. Morton Walker to study these people in depth.

In his book, "The Secret to a Youthful Long Life", Dr. Walker reported that his research showed the mineral rich water that the people of Vilcabamba drank was key to their long lives and health. Laboratory analysis of the Vilcabamba water determined that the unique balance of enriched colloidal minerals in the local drinking water was ideal for promoting optimum human health.

So, are you beginning to see why this very special little valley Ecuador lends its people such superb health and longevity? Ah-hhh, but there's more to longevity and vitality than simply drinking water, even water as healthy and full of mineralization as found in Vilcabamba. A long and healthy life does depend upon a complexity of factors, not just one.

Their natural organic food intake and use of folk medicine (when needed) of the long-lived Vilcabambanos in contrast with the modern Allopathic medical paradigm and Standard North American Diet proves to be quite instructive.

In the case of the people of Vilcabamba, it is the ancient Indigenous traditional diet of those who still live as their ancestors lived in a dramatic contrast with the intrusion of the dietary influences of other cultures over time, mainly Western processed foods.

The introduction of new culinary tastes and experiences by outside cultural influences has been a common practice throughout history and likely prehistory as well. Sometimes new foods have improved the health of the people. At other times, the change has contributed to their cultural demise.

Traditional peoples who have incorporated large quantities of modern refined flour, sugar, and processed foods into their diets have experienced a sharp decline in health during the last few years …. As the newest generation of Vilcabambanos has discovered.

In the spirit of truth and honesty I must make certain that you understand that not ALL of the present day residents of Vilcabamba, Ecuador, possess their previous level of healthiness and long lives. And this change points out the stark contrast between the ‘modern’ lifestyle of the young Vilcabambanos and the more traditional habits of the older inhabitants. Let me explain:

Back in the 1970s, when the rest of the world was first discovering the centenarians of Vilcabamba, the Westernization and commercial intrusion of the outside world had not yet made its way into the valley. Now, as more and more visitors have been lured to the Sacred Valley of Longevity, changes have occurred. And without question the biggest change has been in the typical Vilcabamba diet.

The younger generation, in particular, has fallen victim to the junk food and soft drinks that have made their way into the community. You can't live to be a hundred by eating Twinkies® and slurping heavily sugared colas. But the Old People of Vilcabamba who have kept to their traditional diets and simple way of life continue to live long, productive and healthy lives into their 90s and even 100s. And by "simple", I mean a natural lifestyle that is in reach of anyone, even today, without having to live in a mile-high valley in South America.

Let me pause for a second here. IF YOU HAVE READ THIS FAR, it indicates that you are interested in your health and in enjoying a long and vital life. You are to be commended for that .... since only about 14% of the population falls into the category of being truly committed to bettering their current state of health.

But what do we mean by a long and healthy life. Throughout all history, a long life might be considered to be 80 to 100 years, with each of the four stages (Childhood, Adulthood, Midlife and Elderhood) equaling a quarter of it. Where are you?

I, myself, already into my 80's, have reached the end of the fourth quarter and I'm now into what might be called "overtime". Those of you in the generation just behind me are beginning your Elderhood stage …. with all of the health challenges that portion of your life entails.

And please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Paul Patrick Robinson and I live here in Vilcabamba. I moved here from the Island of Maui in Hawaii, itself a paradise, some years ago. Why did I come to Vilcabamba? To live out my life amidst the peace, beauty and near-pristine environment of this magical valley. To be around sweet-natured people who could assist me, as role models, to understand and practice their localized "Art of Living Long". I came to learn how to add LIFE to my years along with YEARS to my life, and now I share with you what I can of that which I've been taught by friends, familiars and neighbors here in Vilcabamba. This was not, however, a new quest for me.

Over thirty-five years ago, shortly after turning fifty, I began thinking deeply about the nature of well-being; what it might be, how to achieve it, and how to nurture it. It was an ongoing study of wellness, not illness. And what I have discovered in my research is that creating the state of well-being is a learnable skill that almost anyone can master.

During these past 35 years, I have researched, written and spoken about health and longevity. So the subject is certainly not new to me. And I would hope that much of what you will be reading is not new to you. You already have most of the answers to the riddle of good health. You simply need to be helped to REMEMBER them.

If you will let me do so, I can assist you with that. What I can do is share some startling facts with you about what I have learned here in the fabled Valley of Longevity about maintaining WELLNESS that can help you to help yourself to a better life.

So consider for a moment that I might be a valuable guide to the longevity secrets of Vilcabamba and assist you in your quest for renewed health and vitality, especially in your later years. I can do this, if you will give me the opportunity of doing so.

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